You… You think no one sees you. That you are invisible. That you don’t matter. Stop. Breathe. Listen. You are not invisible. You do matter.

I See You…

Remember that one night when you tried to run away from home wondering if anyone would see you leave. You paused at the edge of the front yard, curious if anyone even cared you existed. Speculating how long it would take them to discover you had left. The night seemed to reflect the pain you felt inside. Dark. Lonely. Lost. When you paused, you realized you wouldn’t get very far, especially at night. You were close to the edge of town. There really wasn’t anywhere to go. No one to go to. Not to mention the wild animals. A tiny forgotten little town in the middle of nowhere. It all seemed so pointless. So you warily turned back knowing that no one probably saw you or even cared if they had.

I saw you that night. I felt your pain. I felt your tears. I felt your dejection in each and every step. Then I lost you. You disappeared into the darkness. Leaving me lost and alone.

It took me quite a few years; nevertheless, I found You.

I am writing these letters to let you know there is hope. Don’t give up. Every day is a struggle for you and most days you want to give up on life. I’m here to let you know that you make it. After year upon year of struggling, you make a life for yourself that you’ve dreamed of.

The road you take to get here is not the easy one. It’s hard. It’s lonely. It’s challenging. It’s lined with obstacles all over the place. You will fall down at times. You get back up. You keep going despite the urge to give up. You will meet many people along the way who are great friends and some who are not your friends even though they claim to be. There will be times when you will doubt your worth, your sanity. Despite it all, you make it. Everything it took to get here was worth it. You will feel happier than you ever have. Keep that spark inside going. Don’t let anyone put it out.



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